"Nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation."
- 5th Amendment, United States Constitution
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Practice Areas

Land Use and Zoning – Land use and zoning essentially involves government regulation on the use of land. Under its police powers local and state governments can regulate uses of land based on health, safety and welfare concerns. This involves towns establishing different zoning ordinances and codes and the state establishing development regulations as well. The Taylor Law Firm is available to guide any land owner or developer through the maze of New Jersey regulations in order to fully pursue and realize their development proposal.

Eminent Domain - Eminent domain is the power of the government, and on a more limited scope, certain private entities, to acquire private property for public use. The Taylor Law Firm partners with well qualified appraisers, engineers and land planners and is experienced and equipped to litigate on behalf of client interests in handling eminent domain matters of all property types whether it is residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural.

Property Tax Appeals - Generally speaking, a property owner who can prove that their "true value" of property is more than 15% over that municipality's average ratio is per se entitled to a reduction in their assessment. Evidence of market value is usually established through the preparation of an appraisal and testimony of an appraiser in order to disprove the municipality's assessment. Appeals for any property with an assessment that exceeds $1,000,000 have the option of filing with the County Board of Taxation or directly to the New Jersey Tax Court. Properties assessed at less than $1,000,000 are required to first file an appeal with the County Board of Taxation. The filing deadline for appeals before a County Board of Taxation or the Tax Court is April 1st of each year. We partner with experienced appraisers ready to assist any owner, no matter the property type, in establishing a "true value" that will result in lowering assessments and taxes.

Commercial Litigation - Contractual agreements are a daily fact of life. Whether one is leasing commercial or residential property, hiring a contractor, or making a substantial purchase entering into a contract will definitely be involved. Due to these facts disputes will sometimes arise which require legal advice. Taylor Law Firm provides representation and guidance needed to protect the rights of individuals and businesses involved in any commercial and contract dispute. From contract drafting to demand letters to negotiation to litigation the Taylor Law Firm protects its client's interests to the fullest extent.