The Taylor Law Firm offers competent legal representation to property owners and developers needing assistance navigating New Jersey's land use regulations, facing an unfair property tax assessment, and legal guidance to small businesses. New Jersey land use regulations are complex and confusing to the most experienced land owner. New Jersey property tax rules require an experienced advocate on behalf of the property owner. Small businesses are constantly in need of ongoing advice and counsel for the multitude of legal issues addressed on a daily basis.

Taylor Law Firm has the land use experience to guide land owners and developers through the site plan, rezoning, subdivision, or change of use application process. We partner with professional planners, architects, and engineers who have years of experience in their chosen field. We have been successful before numerous towns and boroughs achieving for our clients approvals for their development applications. We present detailed oriented, professional presentations that allow for the best approval opportunity.

Taylor Law Firm has processed hundreds of property tax appeals in New Jersey. We have experience in all property types including residential, commercial, or industrial. Our association with experienced appraisers allows us to pursue and push for the maximum assessment reduction by the evidence. Through our experience we have achieved assessment reductions for our clients at the County Board of Taxation level or by filing appeals before the New Jersey Tax Court.

Small businesses face unique challenges, which the Taylor Law Firm is uniquely qualified to assist. We offer advice to various small businesses based on their field of endeavor ranging from contract review and litigation to day to day operational advice. Businesses make hundreds of daily decisions and legal advice is often needed in order to limit negative exposure as much as possible.

With over 15 years of land use and litigation experience we provide the quality legal support clients expect and deserve. Contact the Taylor Law Firm for an assessment of your particular land use, property tax, or business situation to determine the most advantageous solution.

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"Nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation."
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